Workitout, Gal!

Hurts so good

How’s it going kidlets?! It’s been over a week since our last rendezvous so I figured tonight would be a an excellent time to update–not to mention the fact that I tweeted about blogging earlier today in order to hold myself accountable. The ‘Gals are currently getting their orange and black boot-ays handed to them so I’m psychologically removing myself from the sloppy game of pigskin.

Come on get happy

Yesterday around the ripe hour of 3:00 p.m., the Internet went out at my place of employment. Hilarity ensued for a brief period of time, but eventually–seeing as how most of our work relies on the World Wide Web–everyone just sort of hung around enjoying their free time (while the technical folks tried to figure out what in the heck was going on). I took to this idle time like a school girl during study hall. I read a magazine, twiddled my thumbs, brainstormed Examiner story ideas, started compiling a list of things that make me happy. Here it goes:

The bare not-so necessities

Hello people! I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend. Minus the fact that the Bengals are currently continuing their subpar season, leaving their faithful city feeling morose–yet again–my weekend was quite eventful. Oh, and not to mention, I slept a solid ten hours last night. I know weekends aren’t supposed to be used for “catching up” on sleep, but a beauty sleep truly does work wonders.

The ultimate workitout playlist

‘Ello Bobbits! May I offer you a spot of tea?! WHY DO I KEEP DOING THAT?

So…I’ve been doing a lot of wogging lately. Not a word, you say? Oh, but it is. Before discriminately against my newfound favorite word, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Actually, you probably have.

Homecoming: The weekend I literally went home

‘Ello mateys! Not quite sure where today’s greeting came from, but I’m fairly certain if I linked that salutation, it would bring you to the opening song for Sponge Bob Square Pants. Oh hell, in case you’re curious…here’s the link. Well anyways, I am still recovering from a very sleepless weekend. But anyways, my latest shenanigans involve Over the Rhine, Court Street, Athens (not Greece, but better), and nostalgia.

Don’t mind if I do

I totally considered kicking this post off with a wildly inappropriate comment, but alas, I refrained. If you’re really eager to know, just ask. On that note, this lil’ piece is picture plentiful. Enjoy.

My feet are in love

Whaddup kidlets? My head is nodding as I type this, so I apologize in advance for any odd/inappropriate content I may word vomit. By the way, anyone notice how the days leading up to a highly-anticipated event tend to be a constant uphill battle? I do. I’m looking forward to homecoming/my friends’ wedding this weekend. Hilarity will undoubtedly ensue.

Days go by

Howdy peeps! What’s shakin’? Ah, I just love talking as if I have a vast and engaged audience! However, acting like I do is what gives me the motivation to tickle the keyboard every so often–one of the many benefits of being a dreamer I guess

Much ado about nothing

Howdy ya’ll? It’s been about a week since my last post so now that I have a some downtime, I figured that it would be an excellent opportunity to update. I intended on saving this for Monday, but I’m currently hoping that a Redlegs win will tie me up tomorrow afternoon as I head to the Great American Ball Park right after work. Gotta love it when the Reds are still swingin’ the bat in October.

Quick lil’ hiatus

Howdy y’all! I’m currently typing this from the tiny keyboard of my iPhone on the way to the airport. How cool is that?! Yet again, I’m baffled by technology.

I’m about to venture off to the wonderful state of Californ-i-a for my cousin’s wedding so the blog will be on a temporary hiatus.

However, I did just see that the wordpress app has picture uploading capabilities so if something life-changing occurs during the next five days I’ll post it (let’s keep in mind that the continental breakfast having a waffle maker could in fact constitute as life-changing).

Anyways, cya later! Expect a full post of the week’s shenanigans early next week.

Ps. The photo shown below was a test. However, I was just munching on the contents of that bag so in all fairness, it’s kind of relevant.